“People are often surprised that having needles placed in their body can create a state of deep relaxation, usually falling asleep during their treatment only to wake feeling relaxed, balanced and energized.”

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“I have been a patient of Dr. Ricks’ at his acupuncture clinic in Texas for five years. His acupuncture treatments have helped me overcome pain and low energy levels when western medicine could not. The psychological and philosophical aspects of his holistic approach to wellness were extremely beneficial, enabling me to cultivate the proper mindset and health habits to combat my chronic illnesses.”

Jim K.,

“Six years ago when I turned 31 years old, I tried to get pregnant, but was not successful. During that time, I went through eight attempts with intra-uterine insemination, and other methods. After several miscarriages, I decided to add acupuncture to my program. In addition to my acupuncture treatments, Dr. Rick recommended that I also changed my diet and to begin Qigong exercises. After three treatments, I was finally successful with carrying my baby to full term! My husband and I were so happy.

Six years later, we decided to have another baby. This time we knew what to do. With five acupuncture treatments from Dr. Rick, again I was successful in getting pregnant. Now I am happily anticipating the birth of my second child!”

Jessica F.,
Account Executive

“I think Dr. Rick is great…not just great, really amazing. He is my acupuncturist. He is a very, very good acupuncturist, and any time my back or neck would get to the point of unbearable pain, I’d go to see him once or twice and I’d be golden. But, I don’t just go to Dr. Rick for acupuncture, I go for the amazing advice and perspective he is always willing to share with me when I asked. He has a way of helping me put things into perspective. A way to help me slow down and organize and really look at what’s important to me and what I need to address. Not just the outside but the insides too…seems that’s the best place to start. If you are lucky enough to cross paths with this man and share some of his time and wisdom, then I offer you my congratulations.”

Melissa M.,

“For 3 and a half years, I suffered from severe backaches and muscle spasms. I thought it was just from sitting at my desk all day. Dr. Rick came up with a treatment plan that enabled me to be pain free. He helped me to relax and to see that I could manage the stress of my job rather than having my job manage me. I feel much better physically and emotionally now, but I can also cope with all the demands of family and work.”

Michelle W.,
Office Manager

“I’ve been seeing Rick Sparks for about 6 years. I came in knowing very little about acupuncture and Chinese medicine on the recommendation of my MD after a back injury hadn’t improving after a long, extensive and expensive series of western treatments. At first, I was apprehensive and skeptical, but Rick changed all that for me. He was able to recognize some of my signs and symptoms that had never been acknowledged before. I am amazed at the many positive results benefits I have received from my acupuncture treatments.”

Mark D.,
Real Estate Broker

“I am so very grateful for all of Dr. Rick’s help while going through the transitions of divorce, new job, and relocation (moving cross-country). All of these major life changes could have been so much more stressful and fearful, but Dr. Rick has a way that helped me to frame the situations with a calm and reasonable perspective that allowed me a more worry free transition. His acupuncture treatments were amazing and reduced my stress and anxiety making it easier for me to get the restful sleep I needed to handle all of the challenges that I was facing. I have come to trust Dr. Rick’s guidance and treatments, and I find it comforting to know that I can work with him over the phone when I was moving and now with my new job and home. Dr. Rick’s advice is invaluable to me, and he has a special way of helping me discover my best resolution.”

Sharon F.,

“Working with Dr. Rick is a life-changing experience!”

“As an acupuncturist and life coach, Dr. Rick Sparks is able to bring healing, calmness and tranquility to his clients. He is very knowledgeable in the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and he empowers one to meet the challenges of life and to improve their overall health. He has helped me to make the right choices that have lead to a life in which one can be free of worry and of pain, free of the mistakes or constraints of the past. His goal is to help each client discover how to live a healthy, full and rewarding life. Working with Dr. Rick is a life-changing experience!”

Judy H.,

“I felt very supported by Dr. Rick in my decision to stop taking antidepressants. Dr. Rick successfully treated me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs during the weaning phase from the medication and beyond. He has also helped me with other health issues ranging from a chronic cough to hormonal imbalances. Dr. Rick is conscientious, dedicated to his work, always professional, and a very good listener.”

Martha G.,
Dental Assistant

“Having been a long term sufferer from stress and anxiety and not wishing to address this with prescribed medicines I sought out Dr. Rick for treatment. Within a few weeks I started to feel better, my symptoms had been IBS and migraines, general anxiety and poor sleep. This is all now much improved and is getting better week by week. Dr, Rick is very caring and considerate and is very accurate in his diagnosis, and he has made a big difference to my life in the short time I have been under his care.”

Carla B.,
Retail Manager

“I have MS, and I have been suffering with all over body pain, spasticity (stiffness) muscle spasms, fatigue as well as a host of other problems.  I have tried everything except acupuncture.  I have been doing a lot of research on it and finally decided to try it.  I have had about 6 treatments and my pain level has dropped from a 6/7 on a scale of 1-10 to about a 2.  I swear by it now.  Every western Doctor that I went to told me that because I have MS it can cause more harm to me than benefit me.  However when you are in pain every single day of your life, sleep about 2-3 hours a night, any relief is welcome.  I can get out of the bed now and walk my dogs 4x’s per week, something I only got to do maybe 2x’s per month.  The muscle spasms that I was having has diminished, my energy level is up, my spasticity is down, I am sleeping every night and I am able to lead a somewhat normal life.  Thank you, Dr. Rick, you gave me my life back!!!”

Charles M.,
Software Engineer

“I have found a truly dedicated health professional who loves what he does, and most importantly, he makes a difference in people’s lives.”

“Dr. Rick Sparks is a dedicated and passionate health care professional. With Dr. Rick, it’s not just about an acupuncture treatment; it’s about holistic health, physical and emotional well-being, nutritional counseling, and personal growth and improvement. He is a motivator.

Before I went to Dr. Rick’s clinic, I had been to a few different acupuncture clinics and also had tried some other modalities. They were more focused on a “quick-fix”…On the other hand, Dr. Rick provides a very comprehensive assessment and formulates an individual treatment plan according to your needs.

I learned a lot while going to Dr. Rick’s clinic. As an example, I learned about the inflammatory process in my back and leg and how I could decrease the inflammation and reduce my pain by avoiding certain food products, such as gluten.

Throughout my treatment, Dr. Rick helped me not only with nutritional guidance and acupuncture treatments, but he mostly helped me learn how to better manage my stress with his life coaching techniques for which I am extremely thankful.

I have found a truly dedicated health care professional who loves what he does, and most importantly, he makes a difference in people’s lives. I highly recommend Dr. Rick Sparks as an expert Life Coach and as an expert in acupuncture, nutrition, Chinese herbs, and supplementation.

Thank you, Dr. Rick !”

Rose S.,
Nurse Practitioner

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